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thisisashley's Journal

Ashley? Yeah! I'm here!
27 January 1986

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I was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio in a city called Elyria. I love music, movies, people, and pretty much anything that makes me happy. I attended The University of Toledo for two years, before moving to Winter Park, Florida. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Film on July 27th, 2008. I am currently a Graduate student at Full Sail University, studying Entertainment Business. I have 4 dogs, three live at home (Ohio) with my mom and one here. Poncho, Cali, Dodger, and Penny Lane (who is in Florida with me). I love animals and I have been a Vegetarian since March 8th, 2007. :)

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My favorite band of all time! My favorite Beatle is John, with Paul and Ringo following at a close second. I do love George too, but I just tend to gravitate to the other three more. I have almost 2,000 beatle songs in my itunes (insane, I know). I have been to Abbey Road twice, and once to Liverpool. Both were beyond amazing! I love how The Beatles music spands so many differnt tastes as they developed as individuals and a group. I love how John and Paul always fed off of each other's engery. I find it amazing that a whole new generation is getting Beatlemania all over again!

I am currently indulged with these books! Though the first book made me a fan, the ones that followed kept me a fan. In my opinion, they just get better as they go. I am SO looking forward to Breaking Dawn and the movie! Usually the movie does not do the book justice, but I really have high hopes for this one. Plus, Robert Pattinson is the sex.

My favorite TV show! I miss it so much! Thank God for DVDs! This show got me into vampires, which I find very interesting. The mythology and all that stuff. My favorite relationship from the show was of course Spuffy! Love them! Man they were really twisted sometimes, but they ended up in a good place. A few of my favorite episodes would be "Once More With Feeling" (The Musical) and "Crush".

Another one of my favorite TV shows! I LOVE THE OFFICE! I like Jim/Pam just as much as the next person, but my favorite ship from The Office is Dwight/Angela. They are hilarious when they are together and when broken up. The Season 4 finale?!?!?!? OMG! I simply cannot WAIT until the premiere!! *End of fangirl rant*

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